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Posted on Saturday, Dec 30, 2017 at 07:36 PM

 Los Angeles Whiskey Society - A private club, but a public resource, chock full of tons of information on bourbon, single malt scotch, and more.
We rarely publish meeting updates anymore. Why?

Firstly, because most people use our site just as we intended it: as a repository of important whiskey information, and an easily sortable and searchable whiskey database.

But also, the whiskey scene has changed, particularly with the explosion of bourbon’s popularity. Braggadocio has come to dominate so much of online whiskey that we don’t want to seem like we’re trying to contribute to that. We think that sharing and tasting is more important than showing off. So while we continue to meet regularly, we keep more to ourselves about it nowadays.

Ratings and reviews will always keep coming, because we feel that provides a good public service... and because they're fun to do! Cheers all and DRINK WHISKY!
 Drinking scotch, bourbon, and stuff at dinner

10 Years of LAWS

Posted on Thursday, Oct 20, 2016 at 02:56 PM

In 2006, 10 friends joined to share good whiskey and good times. 10 years later, that small club has blossomed into the best-known private whiskey club in the US with the largest whiskey database, always fiercely independent, and always ad-free.

To understand what makes us tick, check out Sku’s recent interview with founder Adam Herz.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we began with some serious cocktails. Niko Novick, one of LA’s premiere bartenders, crafted custom libations made from vintage ingredients. Favorites included a 1960’s Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned and 1970’s BIB Old Fitzgerald Manhattan. We had such a diverse selection of whiskeys that our two hours of cocktails became partly an excercise in some delicious chemistry experiments.

We then opened eight new bottles to taste, including old favorites:

Then, we were off to Baltaire for a great dinner featuring whiskey-infused dishes, plus other wines and libations (yes, we drink more than whiskey!).

After 10 years and counting, LAWS remains what it was on day one: a place for friends to get together to share good times and good whiskey.

Diageo Special Releases

Posted on Saturday, Jan 23, 2016 at 02:45 PM

A lineup of whisky bottles from Diageo including Brora and Port Ellen 
It was the beginning of 2011 when we last had a meeting featuring the annual Diageo Special Releases. Back then, our writeup remarked, "Sure, the prices could be better, but such are the times." Ah, yes. The most "expensive" of them was the Port Ellen 11th release... for $450, which would be a bargain today. Fast-forward to 2016 -- the new Port Ellen 15th Release retails for $4k in the US, the Brora 37 year old goes for $2300. There's even an NAS Clynelish for $900.
We don't like discussing pricing, but every year the Special Releases seem to merit it. Still, we'll be the first people to remind you that there is little correlation between flavor and price. And the idea that higher-priced single malts are of "higher quality" is ignorant if not completely meaningless.
As you might expect, the Brora and Port Ellen stole the night. Surprising was the Pittyvaich, which many of us found unusual but really tasty, and The Cally, which showed very well for a single grain. All of them were enjoyed to one extent or another, except the Dalwhinnie which most felt was not bad in any way, but just boring. You can read tasting notes by clicking on each whiskey.
See also Sku's writeup here
(Notes and ratings appear as members motivate and enter their results). 

Sherry Christmas 2015

Posted on Tuesday, Dec 15, 2015 at 05:32 PM

Bill O'reilly is bitching about the nonexistent War On Sherry Christmas. 
As you may know, LAWS has a proud tradition of celebrating “Sherry Christmas.” 

But evil forces have been at work. There is an ongoing war on Sherry Christmas! You can see it in the form of all kinds of “finishes” and gimmicky wine casks. In fact, just last week at Starbucks, one of our members was wished a "Merry Peated Christmas." The injustice is enough to make any sherry fan's blood boil. 

But LAWS will always remember the true meaning of Sherry Christmas, and we commemorated it with these malts:

…as well as an exclusive cask sample from Bowmore, and of course a deep dive under the Christmas Tree, that is, the expansive LAWS Reserves.

These malts were beloved all around, with special Christmas joy going to the Bowmore and the Glen Moray.  

Merry Sherry Christmas from LAWS!

Blind Tasting: America vs. Scotland

Posted on Thursday, Sep 3, 2015 at 02:41 PM

Mel Gibson, an Australian, plays an American Patriot and Scotsman William Wallace in a battle over whiskey. 


It was time to pit American whiskey vs. Scotch in an extremely fun and extremely unfair blind tasting. Who won? Click the graphic to read our writeup on the battle! 

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