Sherry Christmas 2015

Posted on Tuesday, Dec 15, 2015 at 05:32 PM

Bill O'reilly is bitching about the nonexistent War On Sherry Christmas. 
As you may know, LAWS has a proud tradition of celebrating “Sherry Christmas.” 

But evil forces have been at work. There is an ongoing war on Sherry Christmas! You can see it in the form of all kinds of “finishes” and gimmicky wine casks. In fact, just last week at Starbucks, one of our members was wished a "Merry Peated Christmas." The injustice is enough to make any sherry fan's blood boil. 

But LAWS will always remember the true meaning of Sherry Christmas, and we commemorated it with these malts:

…as well as an exclusive cask sample from Bowmore, and of course a deep dive under the Christmas Tree, that is, the expansive LAWS Reserves.

These malts were beloved all around, with special Christmas joy going to the Bowmore and the Glen Moray.  

Merry Sherry Christmas from LAWS!
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