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Rather than inundate you with links, we just list our biggest favorites:

The mothership of "amateur" whisky sites.  We put "amateur" in quotes because The Malt Maniacs are far from amateurish.  Comprised of 32 single malt aficionados scattered across the globe, their website contains the biggest database of whisk(e)y ratings in existence.  The site isn't the easiest to navigate through -- it's frustrating until you become very familiar with it -- but that's simply because they've accumulated so much stuff.  There's just tons and tons of very good info.  You can find their thousands of ratings in the Malt Maniacs "Monitor," which is a huge PDF file and a great resource.  Keep an eye out for the yearly Malt Maniacs Awards, which tend to dictate the next whiskies to sell out immediately.  (We have 2 members of the Malt Maniacs in this club.)

Serge Valentin has become the best-known of the Malt Maniacs via his own spinoff/sister site.  Updated nearly daily, he features whisky reviews of all sorts of whisk(e)y -- typically single malts, both new and vintage. And super-rare-vintage, just to tell you what the stuff you'll never get to taste actually tastes like. Serge's opinion is highly regarded within the whisky community; in fact, due to his independence, he may very well be the most-respected critic in the world of whisky today.

Whisky Advocate is the best of the whiskey magazines out there, full of fresh content and insightful, well-written articles.  And, it's a U.S. publication -- which is great, because they're often discussing something you can buy stateside.  You can find a good amount of tasting notes on their website.  There's also the "Whisky Advocate Blog." It used to be a fascinating blog full of juicy inside information, and the comments section was a hotbed of whisky-related debate. But lately, it's become rather run-of-the-mill. We want the old blog back, please.

It's a funny story -- at exactly the same time that the idea for our Society was germinating, another whiskey nut named Andy over in Pasadena had a similar idea, and he put up a website to recruit members.  We soon discovered that website, exchanged info, and kept in touch as we informed each other of our meetings and experiences.  After almost a year, the original 10 Society members decided to open the group to new members, and Andy became the first "Alternate."  Today, there is some crossover between the two clubs.  But we're snootier.

Sku is an LA food blogger known for his never-ending quest for the best grub in Los Angeles and his "Whiskey Wednesday" reviews... though the whiskey part of things often spills over to other days of the week as well! Given these interests, it was only a matter of time until our paths crossed. Sku became a Society member in February 2010. 
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