Baker's Pure Rye 1847
The World's Oldest Whiskey


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Baker's Pure Rye Whiskey 1847 is the official Guinness World Records holder for the oldest whiskey in the world. It is the only existing American whiskey provably distilled and bottled prior to the end of the Civil War.

Rye whiskey is "the" original American whiskey. Read on to learn all about the bottle, what's inside, and how it was authenticated, with tidbits of whiskey history throughout.


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IMPORTANT NOTE:  In June 2021, Skinner Auctions in Boston sold a whiskey they assessed as "late 1700s." The buyer of that bottle has reportedly rejected and returned it. The auctioneer's dating claim has been thoroughly debunked; it exploited a common quirk of radiocarbon dating combined with powerful PR. The detailed report deunking the Ingledew, a claimed "18th century bottle," is here.


 Special thanks for their invaluable knowledge and help:
Darrell Corti
Chuck Cowdery
Todd Holmes
Bill Lindsey
David Othenin-Girard
David Robertson
Steve Ury

With credit to the works of:
Chuck Cowdery
William R. Johnston
Sam Komlenic
Bill Lindsey
John Lipman
Fred Minnick
Reid Mitenbuler
Clay Risen
Mike Veach
...and other chroniclers of history as noted. 




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