10 Years of LAWS

Posted on Thursday, Oct 20, 2016 at 02:56 PM

In 2006, 10 friends joined to share good whiskey and good times. 10 years later, that small club has blossomed into the best-known private whiskey club in the US with the largest whiskey database, always fiercely independent, and always ad-free.

To understand what makes us tick, check out Sku’s recent interview with founder Adam Herz.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we began with some serious cocktails. Niko Novick, one of LA’s premiere bartenders, crafted custom libations made from vintage ingredients. Favorites included a 1960’s Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned and 1970’s BIB Old Fitzgerald Manhattan. We had such a diverse selection of whiskeys that our two hours of cocktails became partly an excercise in some delicious chemistry experiments.

We then opened eight new bottles to taste, including old favorites:

Then, we were off to Baltaire for a great dinner featuring whiskey-infused dishes, plus other wines and libations (yes, we drink more than whiskey!).

After 10 years and counting, LAWS remains what it was on day one: a place for friends to get together to share good times and good whiskey.
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