Malts of Scotland with Thomas Ewers

Posted on Thursday, Aug 16, 2012 at 04:22 PM

Special circumstances called for a special summer meeting!

Thomas Ewers, the man behind indie bottler Malts of Scotland, was visiting Los Angeles this August -- and he was kind enough to bring us some of his exlusive malts. As you may know, MoS was started just a few years ago and has quickly become known for their high quality cask selections. (And, par for the course, they're not distributed in the US.)
We tasted a selection of new Malts of Scotland bottlings, and the consensus was that they ranged from something like "yummy" to "outrageously good." Thomas's releases are consistently delicious because whisky isn't his main business. It's his passion. That means he's not under the constant pressure to produce like the large independent bottlers are. When a cask tastes ready to be bottled, it's bottled. If it's not, it's ignored. If he has a gap in production, so be it. There are no "filler bottles" thrown in just to keep the brand going. 
We tasted:
...and probably most raved about was a 40yo Glengoyne sherry monster cask sample that's awaiting bottling. Suffice it to say that we were already asking how we could purchase it!

Huge thanks to Thomas for a stellar evening of great whiskies! 
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