Bourbon Awesomeness

Posted on Saturday, Nov 10, 2012 at 10:59 AM

Rare bourbons dating from the 1940s through 2012
One of the reasons that LAWS is awesome is because we're awesome.

With that tautology proudly in mind, combined with our recent mockery of some massively misrepresented "circa 1950's" bourbons, we set off to taste some real bourbons from that era.
Bourbon bottle distilled 1948, bottled 1956
However, when we dug into our bourbon archives to create the meeting, we couldn't ignore the newly-arrived Jefferson's Ocean Aged, just begging to be opened. We don't do a lot of bourbon meetings -- so into the lineup it went. And then we just ditched the 1950s thematic and picked the dusties we most wanted to taste.
How did they fare? Reviews and ratings will appear as members motivate. 
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