About Us

The L.A. Whiskey Society was established in 2006 by ten Los Angeles friends who found themselves drinking/purchasing/hoarding/chasing larger amounts of increasingly rarer whiskies. Since then, the Society has expanded its membership, and continues to be a great way for new and old friends to get together, taste fantastic whiskies, and absorb (both mentally and physically) a broad amount of whisky knowledge.

We remain a not-for-profit, private group, and accept no advertising for this site. We do review complimentary whiskies we receive from the industry -- 'cause who would ever turn down free whiskey?!

Our website's not quite a blog. It started a fun place for us to keep track of our tasting notes and meeting reports, and has since grown into a continuing-to-grow database of whiskey reviews and ratings. While we publish the occasional article, you'll probably find this site most useful as a reference guide.

We hold official meetings once per month in a private tasting room. Membership is very selective and extremely limited; see Membership Info for details. You can also find some members' personal details

Frequently Asked Questions will tell you more about the Society.

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