Photo explains that barley plus water plus yeast plus barrel aging equals whiskey.

There are already tons of great resources on the web for basic whiskey information -- this site's focus is reviews, ratings, and various aspects of collecting rare whiskeys.  


Check out Whisky 101 at for a general, easy-to-understand rundown on all things whiskey, or Andy's great "Beginner's Guide" page over at  You can also visit to find accurate and well-organized scotch-specific information.  For details on bourbon, visit

With that said, the answer to the #1 question we get is:  All Scotch is whiskey.  All bourbon is whiskey.  But not all whiskey is Scotch, nor bourbon, and so forth.  In general, whiskey/whisky is an alcoholic beverage distilled from grain and aged in oak casks.  For answers to basic whisky questions and questions about our Society, see our Frequently Asked Questions.  We also have a FAQ on old whiskey bottles, their value, and sale.  For valuation of a bottle, visit our appraisals page.

When this website is not referring to a specific product, you’ll see “whisky” spelled both ways at random, and sometimes listed as “whisky/whiskey.”  This often depends on the whim of whomever wrote the selection you’re reading. For the record, the word is spelled “whisky” everywhere in the world except for the USA and Ireland, where the “e” is typically but not always inserted.


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