Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey
Added on Sunday, Apr 20, 2008 at 07:45 PM
  Bottler: Stranahan's
  Age: 2 yrs Type: American
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Other
  ABV: 47.00 % Region: Colorado
  Price: $48 Availability: Better Stores
Stranahan's prefers to call themselves a "Colorado Whiskey," eschewing the term "Single Malt" as they seem to find the term misleading.  Opinions were divided on this one -- while it wasn't for some, others claimed it to be "yet another great thing from the great state of Colorado."

Batch 10 reviewed.
Member Ratings and Notes
Great nose. Molasses, banana, sugar. A bit of wood and juniper flavors, with light pepper, clove, and vanilla. Gets very hot but that diminishes quickly. Though the flavor of the finish is very minor, it lasts a full minute. B/B+
Cinnamon in the nose. Rich and interesting flavors, this is great. Banana notes. The finish isn't powerful, but it lingers forever. I'm a fan. B/B+

Update Oct 2009: Every time I have this (having sampled various batches) I'm increasingly impressed.  This is great and unique whiskey.  I love it.  Batch 43 is a winner.  Upgrading my rating to a full B+, definitely want to own.
Perfumey banana. Pine and juniper punch immediately with hot cinnamon. The longest-lasting mild finish ever; sorrel lingers in the mouth. Not what I'd expect of a whisky, but really nice. B+/A-
Strange burst of oak. No finish.
Burning spicy firecracker.
Bourbony, reminders of corn and rye. Fiery.

Nose:  Spices and banannas!  Cinnamon sticks.   Palate:  Sherry, pepper, bananna, and tobacco.   Finish:   Short.   Overall:   Solid effort from the chaps in Colorado.


Nose is a very light Bourbon.  Palate is sweet and light, again like a very light Bourbon with some banana and brandy flavors and a bit of acid.  It definitely has a young whiskey taste but you get the sense that there is some potential there.  [Batch 6 Tasted]

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