Longmorn 1992 Exclusive Malts K&L
Added on Wednesday, Dec 12, 2012 at 09:50 AM
  Bottler: The Creative Whisky Co.
  Age: 20 yrs Type: Scotch
  Vintage: 1992 Subtype: Single Malt
  ABV: 52.80 % Region: Speyside
  Price: N/A Availability: Collectors Only
Bottled for K&L in 2012     Price was $100
Member Ratings and Notes

The nose has sweet dessert wine and tropical fruit. The palate is bursting with fruit and dessert wine with a syrupy mouthfeel. I get dried, candied mangoes. The wine note gets more sherry like later in the palate and into the finish where there's just a touch of sulfur.


This one's a winner - just a really drinkable sherried malt with a lot of fruit. The back label states, "This should be much more expensive," and they're right.


N: Carmalized bananas, candied walnuts, carrot cake. Light & refreshing. I did add a few drops of water, which opened everything up a bit more. 

P: Lots going on, hard to keep up with. More cake/frosting.

F: Hint of smoke came through, combining with the other sweet aspects.


I found it more complex than K&L claimed it would be. Delicious and dangerously drinkable. What a deal.  

This is immensely drinkable stuff. Nose of Juicyfruit gum, with tangerine and orange peel. Palate continues that theme, and it's especially sweet on the attack. Finish drops off quite a bit, with a little resurgence of moderately tannic spice after a few seconds.
It's a very "clean" whisky, and one that gets better and better as the glass drains -- with many whiskies as sweet as this one, the opposite is true. But this has the mark of a winner.
I'm right on the fence of A-/B+ (something like an 89-90 pointer, if you will). Usually that's "officially" a B+. But this case, the sheer drinkability pushes me the other way, even though it may not be A- on flavor alone. I just really enjoy it. Great price too. Get it while you can.

N: Nice! Has a good sherry quality to it, nice light furniture polish notes. Plenty of wood (but not out of control). Sweet with hints of apple, a little orange, and faint hint of nutmeg. A little overall low-grade mulling spice vibe. Slightly plummy, a little jammy. 


P: Nice full, rich mouthfeel. A little bit of pepper and a touch of orange citrus again. Slightly waxy furniture polish, nice wood. Very luscious, nice and fruity (red fruit). A little faint earthiness. 
F: Wood and pepper up front, slightly dry and dusty wood (in the best possible old-whisky way). More light oranges, a touch of vanilla, a gentle touch of allspice. Almost bubblegummy for a second. 
Really, really enjoyable. One of the best of 2012. Easy drinking as can be - reminds me a lot of Tun 1401 batch 3 (for real).  I agree with Adam that this would be a quintessential 90 point, right on the cusp kind of thing. I really enjoy this, and while it hits all the right notes, I want it to be just a little bit more of what it is. 


Plums, raisins, and apricots with a cedar finish.  Vibrant flavors.



This has a medium bronze color, with a slight red glow. A little wood and honey on the nose. The palate is rich and the wood and honey are still present. Quite a bit of citrus peel. A nice pop on the finish. Overall there is nice depth. To me (I think moreso than the other reviewers) I get more bitter/sour elements on the tongue, but still a really nice whisky. B+/A- [1/13/13]
The lingering sherry note is dry, uniquely spicy and sweet, and keeps you coming back again, and again, and again.

N: Buttery toffee, whipped cream, almonds, pecans, pumpkin, cherries, with a hint of sherry & smoke.


P: Sherry, Chocolate, Potpourri, Pine, Glue/Wrapping paper, Smoke.


F: Hits some hot sauce but briefly/beautifully. Toffee, candy, smoke, dark chocolate. Complex and something you love to drink at this time of year.


Combined old notes from Dec 11, 2012 until tasting in Dec 24, 2014.

This is fantastic and I'm glad I have saved this bottle.


A smooth candy like finish evolves into a wonderful, holiday finish that screams desert during the holidays. Man this is worth drinking once a year. Extremly drinkable, should I have a little more? I don't think there is much of this around. A soft, candylike scotch that hits in all the right spots. 


The others have described this well enough
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