Bunnahabhain 1974 Perfect Dram
Added on Friday, Dec 10, 2010 at 09:04 PM
  Bottler: Perfect Dram
  Age: 34 yrs Type: Scotch
  Vintage: 1974 Subtype: Single Malt
  ABV: 59.30 % Region: Islay
  Price: $220 Availability: Overseas Specialty
Oloroso Sherry Wood       Bottled 2008       300 Bottles
Member Ratings and Notes
N: The dark color sets expectations here, and the sherry is big and bold.  It's not so traditional, however, with more spice and some custard-like notes.
P: A moderately dry sherry bomb with lots of spice (yeah I use that term a lot, shove it).  Does what it does about as well as can be done (I'm completely sober, I swear).
F: Watermelon? No, I think not, but something unique and fruity that sets this one apart.


Nose is all old sherry - prunes and chocolates - wood resin.

Palate is sweeter with raisins and heavy cream.  Surprising little wood resin on the palate. The nose said more would be there.

A longer finish with oak and sherry.


Not a normal profile for Bunnahabhain...a pleasant surprise as I am not usually fond of Bunnys.

A classic, weathered, sherry-bomb pleaser. Restrained tannins play nicely off the deep dried fruity stuff (Turkish Delights for certain, which I admittedly only know the taste of due to reading so many European whisky reviews, and then seeking the thingies out). Seems less than 59.3%. Cocoa, dates. Water opens up even more deliciousness. Whisky for a gentleman's library.

Nose:  Port and other deep wine notes.

Palate:  Big sherry notes with chewy oak.  I get port on the nose but sherry on the palate, but a bit drier than most sherry monsters.  There's a lot going on here, the sherry is really integrated into this malt in a way that surpasses a lot of sherry one-note malts. 

Finish:  Chewy with big sherry notes and lots of fig.

I like this for its complexity.  It's sherried but has some really intricate flavors going on.  Good stuff.

A great clean sherry nose and palate.  Lots of dark fruits (prunes, figs, berries) accompanied by leather, tobacco and some smoke.
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