Almor Wine and Spirits
7855 Sunset Boulevard
Hollywood CA
(323) 874-0410
Member Reviews

This boutiquey little store on Sunset might be convenient for generally e-z-to-find stuff, but the prices aren't so hot.  And we've always been a little aggravated by them because they don't know much about their Scotch, yet they still pretend to (stop "correcting" us with your explanation of how to incorrectly pronounce Glenmorangie).  Then again, they're no Wally's when it comes to misinformation.

But our most recent stop by Almor (August '08) made this place UNACCEPTABLE: It was just one of our typical "checkup" visits, to see what's on the shelf and whatnot.  In particular, we wanted to pick up a bottle of George T. Stagg since it's advertised on Almor's website.  What happens when we get there?  We're told, "Oh... um... you can't buy that.  You have to be a regular customer for us to let you buy that."

Where do we begin, here?

How about with this: If we placed the order on Almor's website, they would have HAND DELIVERED that bottle to us -- free delivery, no less.  But since we took the time to go there and check things out, we got rebuffed?  I mean, our representative was even in nice-shirt-and-slacks attire.  Now, we're familiar with other (better) whiskey retailers who will quietly withhold limited releases for their most valued customers.  But come on -- if you're gonna put it on the shelf and on your website, then you sell it to anyone who wants it.  You don't let someone walk in, eye him up and down, and then decide he's not good enough for your business -- unless you don't ever want his business again, of course.

So wise up, Almor.  You ain't Neiman Marcus.  You're a f*ing corner liquor shop.  Oh, and we've bought a LOT of stuff from you.  Pardon us for not archiving our receipts and for leaving our courtroom sketch artist at home, we must have missed the sign on your door.

BETTER IDEA: Bristol Farms across the street has a much bigger selection, with lots of independents (but only this Bristol Farms).   Prices aren't so hot there either, but every time we ask Bristol to pull out the ladder to reach those top shelves, they happily comply.

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