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This may be the best place to order whisky from in the WORLD. 


We didn't enter the prices into our barometers for Whisky Exchange for 2 reasons: One, the (previously horrific, momentarily awesome, currently ehh) exchange rate is always changing, and two -- more importantly -- you ain't gonna be buying the barometers from these guys.


Sukhinder Singh is the master behind one of the most drool-worthy meccas of whisky on the planet.  This is where to get all those bottles that aren't available stateside.  And, this is where to get some collectible bottles that aren't available anywhere.  Shipping rates recently went down (yay!) and are now at a really reasonable level for international parcels.  And, different from some other international whisky retailers, The Whisky Exchange will 100% guarantee delivery to your door.


Remember, you don't pay VAT -- but the bottles are 50ml less than U.S. size bottles -- but it all can still work out to an excellent value.


Browse around now... that cool bottle you're thinking about buying is gonna be gone soon. The Whisky Exchange is incredibly knowledgeable and incredibly helpful... just wake up early or stay up late to call them if you want personal advice.

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