Nobu (West Hollywood)
903 N. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Member Reviews
Adam Yeah, okay whatever, they don't have a whole lot of whiskey and the prices on it aren't so hot.  Although they do have Suntory Yamazaki 18, but at $30 a glass (when a bottle retails for about $90) that's kinda offensive.

But, come on, it's Nobu.  And this one's right up the street from Matsuhisa -- it's like Matsuhisa with a full bar!  But of course, different, and some might argue better.  The space is large and modern (shades of Nobu Vegas) and the staff is of the most gracious and attentive quality that you might not notice how much the food actually costs... until you get the bill.  Price is comparable to Matsuhisa, and pricier than Koi... but presumably you're not going here if you're on a tight budget.  A great place to have a great meal and a great time.

For whiskey: Not recommended
For food/sushi: Highly recommended
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